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BASICS which Tech Recruiters Should Know

BASICS which Tech Recruiters Should Know…


a) Product Based Company: These companies develop the own IT products based on the market needs and sells to the other company / release the product directly into the market. Ex: IBM / ORACLE / MICROSOFT

b) Service Based Company: These companies developing the IT products based on their client requirements. Ex: TCS / CTS / WIPRO..


a)FRONT – END: It will interface between the User and Backend… Front-End is responsible for collecting the inputs in various forms from the user. Between H/W and End-User there is a different kind of layers… To make end user as most User friendly it will help. Eg: Java / HTML / ASP / Ruby / Mainframe

b) BACK-END: It’s a Database which can be used by the End-User in-directly through external application. Use to store the database. Eg: SQL, Oracle, PSQL, Sybase, DB2 DB

3) SDLC: (Software Development Life Cycle) : It’s a structured Process which uses to develop the Software Products.

Requirement Analysis

Software Design

Implementation (Coding)


Deployment (Installation)


SDLC Methods: Waterfall Model / Agile Development Scrum / R.A.D (Rapid Application Development Spiral Model

a) BUSINESS ANALYST (BA):- (Requirement Analysis)

To identify the organization’s business needs

To define the organization’s policies and market approaches

To standardize the organization’s workflows

The interpretation of business rules and requirements for technical system.

Business requirement (Business Plan / Project Plan)

Functional Requirements : data models, technical specifications, use case scenarios, work instructions, reports…

Certification for BA : CBAP (Certified Business Analyst Professional)

b) SOFTWARE ARCHITECT:- (Software Design)

Designing the product using technical standards & Software tool


Enterprise Architect (Involves All Projects in the Company)

Solution Architect (Focus only on End-result design / He can work in multiple projects)

Application/Technical Architect (Centered on Single application)

Certifications Architect:

CITA-F (Certified Information Technology Architect Foundation Certification)

CITA-A (Certified Information Technology Architect Associate Certification)

CITA-S (Certified Information Technology Architect Specialist Certification)

CITA-P (Certified Information Technology Architect Professional Certification)


PM should Familiar with SDLC Method ( Waterfall is commonly used)

Developing the project plan

Customer Interaction

Managing the budget

Resource allocation

Managing the Project Risk


PMP (Project Management Professional)

CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)

PgMP (Program Management Professional)

d) SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Implementation-Coding

Who involves all phases of the software development (Design / coding / unit testing)

Certification: It will differs based on development skill / tool


To identify the defect within the software & Corrected

Input combination & Pre condition

STLC: (Software Testing Life Cycle)

Requirement Analysis / System Study

Write Test Plan / Test Case

Test Case Execution

Defect Tracking

Prepare TER (Test Execution Report) & Send it to the customer

Testing Methods:

Whitebox Testing : Transparent box testing and structural testing) / Use to test the internal structures (Data Flow Testing / Branch testing / Path testing / Statement Coverage / Decision coverage)

Black-Box Testing : To test the functionality of the application without testing the internal structure (Unit Testing / System Testing / Integration testing / Decision Table Testing / Error Guessing)

Gray Box Testing : It’s a combination of White-box testing and black-box testing

 Testing Types:

Manual Testing : Manually testing the software defects (Role : end-User) which used to reduce the cost of the actual Testing. Unit Testing / Integration Testing / SW Testing (functional / non-functional) / System Testing / User Acceptance Testing / Release or Deployment Testing

Automation Testing : Using special software tool to control the execution of Test & Compare the Actual output with Predicted Output. (Functional Testing – QTP / Performance Testing – Loadrunner / Performance Centre / Software Quality Assurance – QC)


Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST)

Certified Manager in Software Testing (CMST)

Certified Test Manager (CTM)

Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP)

ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level (CTFL)

ISTQB Certified Tester, Advanced Level (CTAL)

f) SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: (Installation)

Release : (Complete the Development process and transfer to customer Site)

Install / Activate / De-Activate


In Pre-production Server: Application developer / Build and Release Engg / Release Manager / Deployment Coordinator

In production Server: System Administrator / Database administrator


Modification of a product after delivery

To improve the performance of the product

increasing software maintainability or reliability to prevent problems in the future


Installation / Configuration / Upgrade / Monitoring / Maintaining / Securing

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR: Sysadmins are usually charged with installing, supporting, and maintaining servers or other computer systems… (Windows / Unix / Linux / Citrix / VmWare / Kernel )

DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR: Maintains a database system, and is responsible for the integrity of the data and the efficiency and performance of the system…. (Oracle / SQL / MYSQL / Sybase / PostgrsSQL / IBM DB2)

NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR: Responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software systems that make up a computer network including the maintenance and monitoring of active data network or converged infrastructure and related network equipment (LAN – local / WAN – Wide)

SECURITY ADMINISTRATOR: Called as IT Security or CyberSecurity : To maintain the information security. (Access authorization / Anti-virus S/W / Authentication / Access Control)

WEB ADMINISTRATOR: Maintain the Web Servers Services (Like Apache / Tomcat ) that allows the internal or external access to the Websites / Blocking the particular Website.

STORAGE ADMINISTRATOR: Add or Remove the Storage from Computer system. SAN (Storage Area Network) / NAS (Network Attached Storage)


US IT Recruiting Training Material

US IT Recruiting Training Material

Table of contents

About Unites states and Time zones

Visas and Tax Terms

Basics software consulting Industry

Data Base and job boards (Dice, monster, C2C & CB)

Recruitment Daily  process

Calling script

IT Technologies




“Staffing pertains to recruitment, selection, development and compensation of subordinates.”

Today Staffing is known as Human Resource Management and involves manning or filling various positions in the organizational structure. Activities like determining manpower requirements, assessing the number of people presently available in the organization, recruiting and selecting candidates, training and placing them in the organization come under the purview of staffing.

About United states & Time Zones:

The United States of America (also referred to as the United states, the US, The USA or America)

The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its forty-eight contiguous states Washington D.C., the capital district, lie between the pacific and Atlantic oceans, bordered by the north and Mexico to the south.

States and Codes of America:


States Codes Capitals
Alabama AL Montgomery
     Alaska AK Juneau
     Arizona AZ Phoenix
     Arkansas AR Little Rock
     California CA Sacramento
     Colorado CO Denver
     Connecticut CT Hartford
     Delaware DE Dover
     Florida FL Tallahassee
     Georgia GA Atlanta
     Hawaii HI Honolulu
     Idaho ID Boise
     Illinois IL Springfield
     Indiana IN Indianapolis
     Iowa IA Des Moines
     Kansas KS Topeka
     Kentucky KY Frankfort
     Louisiana LA Baton Rouge
     Maine ME Augusta
     Maryland MD Annapolis
     Massachusetts MA Boston
     Michigan MI Lansing
     Minnesota MN St. Paul
     Mississippi MS Jackson
     Missouri MO Jefferson City
     Montana MT Helena
     Nebraska NE Lincoln
     Nevada NV Carson City
     New Hampshire NH Concord
     New Jersey NJ Trenton
     New Mexico NM Santa Fe
     New York NY Albany
     North Carolina NC Raleigh
     North Dakota ND Bismarck
     Ohio OH Columbus
     Oklahoma OK Oklahoma City
     Oregon OR Salem
     Pennsylvania PA Harrisburg
     Rhode Island RI Providence
     South Carolina SC Columbia
     South Dakota SD Pierre
     Tennessee TN Nashville
     Texas TX Austin
     Utah UT Salt Lake City
     Vermont VT Montpelier
     Virginia VA Richmond
     Washington WA Olympia
     West Virginia WV Charleston
     Wisconsin WI Madison
     Wyoming WY Cheyenne

Top of Form

Time Zones:

In US there are four time zones and they are as follows

  1. Pacific Time Zone (PST)
  2. Mountain Time Zone (MST)
  3. Central Time Zone (CST)
  4. Eastern Time Zone (EST)

1 hour is difference between every time zone.

Example: if time in EST is 6:00PM then the time in CST is 5:00PM, MST 4:00PM, PST 3:00PM

By seeing the following picture we can came to know the states which fall under the different time zones


H-1 B specialty occupation (Professionals) visas:

Professional workers with at least a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent work experience) may be eligible for a non-immigrant visa if their employers can demonstrate that they are to be paid at least the prevailing wage for the position.

H1B visa valid for a span of 2 years and they can work for any company and it can be extend for 2 more years and also one more year. If they are completing 5 years then they can apply for Green Card EAD. After verification then they can get Green Card .

Can work for their employer only (C2C)

H4:  H-4 visa is a visa given to immediate family members (spouse and children under 21 years of age) of the H-1B visa holders.

L1: L1 Visa is valid for one year and that person should work for a particular company and the visa can extend for one more year also. Once the person stays for more than five years can apply for EAD and can get the green card after the verification process.

L2: L2 visa is a visa given to immediate family members (spouse and children under 21 years of age) of the L1 Visa holders.

F1: F1 Visa is given to the students and it is valid for 2 years (18 months for studies and remaining 6 months for the project work) and the student can apply for OPT (EAD) and the student can work for 21 hours per week.

Green Card

Are permanent resident (authorized to work for any employer)

Can go for any tax terms 1099, C2C, W2

B-1, B-2Tourist/Visitor visas:

Available to all visitors coming to US for business or pleasure. B-1 business visitor visas are for a short duration and must not involve local employment. Nationals of certain countries may be eligible to visit the US for upto 90 days without obtaining a visa.

OPT EAD: optional practical training:

Any F-1 students can apply for OPT. OPT’s are authorized to work for anyemployer.

Can go for any tax terms 1099, C2C, W2

Basics Software Consulting Industry:

Staffing firm:

Staffing firm places the consultants in different business on temporary or permanent basis. Staffing form clients are financial firms, pharmaceutical companies, media companies, consulting forms and proffered vendors.


A consultant is a professional or expert in a specific field who has a wide experience of the subject matter. He usually works for a consultancy firm or is self employed and engages with multiple clients.

Who is end client or client?

Where the consultants works.

Example: Chrysler, general Motors, JPMC, CitiGroup, bank of America, Sony etc…

Who is preferred Vendor?

Example: TEK systems, Kforce, Comsys, Modis etc…

Who is a vendor?

A staffing firm is a layer between preferred vendor and the employer of the consultant.

Data Base

Data Bases are useful for finding the candidates resume or cv. We can find the resumes or by following ways:

  1. Yahoo IM
  2. Groups
  3. Gmail
  4. Portals (Dice, C2C, Monster,CB)
  5. Database developing in Excel Sheet

Tax Terms:

corp to corp :

It is the Parole run between two incorporations (Pvt Ltd.)

H1s are eligible. US Citizens & GCs may also eligible provided he/she has incorporated company.


In this tax term the consultant himself pay his parole taxes.

US citizens $ GCs are are eligible. No H1s.


W2 is of two types and they are classified as follows:

First type- W2 is with benefits. In this case the consultant will get insurance, paid vacations and travelling expenses.

Second type- W2 is without benefits. In this case the consultant will get only parole taxes.

US Citizens and GCs are applicable.


Is a period during which a graduate or under graduate student with F1 status completed or been pursuing their degree for more than nine months are permitted to work for at most one year on student visa without needing to acquire a work H1B visa.  They are now permitted a total of 24 months towards practical training. Any F1 students can apply for OPT and get a legal status to work in US. They can only work with company that sponsored their employment. OPT are authorized to work for any employer.

US phone number format: state code-area code-number (614-###-####)

What is social security number?

In the United States, a social security number (SSN) is a nine digit number issued to US citizens, permanent residents and temporary (working) residents.

Format: 000-xx-xxxx

Employer identification number or EIN:

Employer identification number or EIN (also known as federal employer identification number (FEIN)) is Unique nine digit number 00-0000000






Consultant Discussion

Me: Hello, this is Prasad calling from NYTP Inc. How Are You?

Con: Yeah, I am fine

Con: This call regards?

Me: Hi Arun this call regards, we have one java position. I would like to know whether you available in the market.

Con: Yeah Prasad I am available in the market.

Me: I already sent the requirement part to your e-mail ID. Do you have any chance to see the mail?

Con: Yeah I do

Me: Coming to the requirement part actually the position is located at Texas and the duration of the project is 6 months. And coming to the skill set the client is looking for Web service & Java application.

Con: Yeah I am fine with the requirement.

Me: Can you let me know how many years of experience do you have

Con: Yeah Prasad I have 3+ years of experience.

Me: Yeah ok Arun it really sounds good, I already attached the details format box to your mail ID Once you fill it & kindly revert it to me. I will forward it to my manager. Most probably you will get a call from him please don’t miss the call.

Con: Ok go ahead.

Employer Discussion:

Me: Hi, This is Prasad calling from NYTP Inc. How Are you?

Em: Yeah I am really good & How about you?

Me: I am really comfortable & thanks for asking.

Me: Yeah Arjun This call is regards your consultant Arun for the java position. I already got the details & discussed with consultant. Please let me know what is the rate (or) How much is your expecting rate?

Em: Can you let me know what rate you have?

Me: Actually it is depend on experience. We have a rate cap of 55$per hour. Are you comfortable with the rate?

Em: No Prasad, my consultant is really good. He is genuine consultant. I will need atleast  60$per hour.

Me: No Arjun, we have only 57$ is the last rate once you finalize. Once you finalize the rate then I will forward to my manager.

Em: Yeah Ok send me rate confirmation mail.

Me: Ok I will send the rate confirmation mail. Please respond to that mail.

Thanks Bye Bye.

Employer May ask

Em: Can you let me know who the client here is.

Me: Yeah I have Client details once finalize the rate confirmation I will disclose the client details.

Em: Is this your direct client requirement or you are going through layer or vendor.

Me: We are going through direct client or prefer vendor between the client and me one layer is there.         

    IT Technologies

JAVA, J2EE                                                                 Dot NET, VB, ASP, C#

Documentum                                                                ASP, .NET

Java Front End                                                             BizTalk

Java Server Side                                                          C#

Java, J2EE                                                                   SharePoint

WebSphere                                                                   Silverlight

X-Other                                                                         WCF – Windows Communication Foundation

WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation

VBA (Visual Basic for Application)

Visual Basic


Data Warehousing/ETL                                                Database Developer

Ab Initio                                                                         Access Developer

Ascential Data Stage                                                     Mysql Developer

Data Analyst                                                                 Oracle Developer, PL/SQL

Data Architect                                                               Power Builder Developer

Data Modeler                                                                SQL Server Developer

Infomatica                                                                    Sybase Developer

SAS                                                                             Tera Data Developer

x-Other                                                                         x-Other


SAP                                                                             SAP HCM

SAP ABAP                                                                   SAP HR

SAP AFS                                                                      SAP HRMS

SAP ALE                                                                      SAP IM

SAP AM                                                                       SAP ITS

SAP APO                                                                     SAP KW

SAP AR                                                                        SAP LE

SAP Basis                                                                    SAP LS

SAP BI                                                                         SAP MDM

SAP BPC                                                                      SAP MM

SAP Business One                                                        SAP Net Weaver

SAP BW                                                                       SAP PE

SAP CCM                                                                     SAP PI

SAP CO                                                                        SAP PLM

SAP CO-PA                                                                  SAP PM

SAP CO-PC                                                                  SAP PP

SAP CRM                                                                     SAP PS

SAP DBA                                                                     SAP QM

SAP EBP                                                                      SAP R/3

SAP ECC                                                                      SAP SCM

SAP EP                                                                        SAP SD

SAP ERP                                                                      SAP SD Functional

SAP FICO                                                                     SAP SD Technical

SAP Security                                                                SAP TEM

SAP SEM                                                                     SAP WM

SAP SRM                                                                     SAP XI

SAP TDMS                                                                   x-Other

DBAs                                                                           QA/Testing

DB2/DB DBA                                                                QA Analyst

Informix DBA                                                                QA Engineer

MySQL DBA                                                                 QA Lead

Oracle Apps DBA                                                         QA Mainframe Environment

Oracle DBA                                                                  QA People soft tester

SQL Server DBA                                                           QA SAP Tester

Sybase DBA                                                                 QA Siebel Tester

Tera Data DBA                                                             QA Unix Environment

x-Other                                                                         QA Web Environment

C++, VC++                                                                   Unix, C, Shell Scripting

C++                                                                              C, SQL, Shell Scripting

VC++                                                                           Ca7 Job Scheduling

x-Other                                                                         Unix C Programming


Oracle apps                                                                 People Soft

Oracle Apps Developer                                                 JD Edwards

Oracle Apps Functional                                                 Peoplesoft DBA/Admin

Oracle Apps Technical                                                   Peoplesoft Developer

Oracle Apps Techno Functional                                     Peoplesoft Functional

Oracle CRM                                                                  Peoplesoft HCM

Oracle E-Business                                                        Peoplesoft SOA

Oracle ERP                                                                  Peoplesoft Technical

Oracle Financials                                                          Peoplesoft Techno Functional

Oracle Identity Management                                          x-Other

Oracle Portal

Oracle SCM


Reporting Tools                                                          Micro strategy

Actuate                                                                         Oracle Business Intelligence

Biro                                                                              x-Other

Business Intelligence

Business Objects (BO)                                                  EAI-Middleware

Cognos                                                                        MQ Series

Crystal Reports                                                             Tibco

Hyperion                                                                       Web Methods


Siebel Analytics                                                            Business Analyst

Siebel Configuration                                                      Business Analyst

Siebel CRM                                                                  x-Other

Siebel Developer


Project Management                                                    Sys Admin/Network


Infrastructure Management                                            AIX Admin


Portfolio Management                                                   Cisco admin

Process Management                                                    Citrix admin

Program Management                                                   Configuration Management

Project Manager- Functional                                          Linux Admin

Project Manager- Technical                                            NT Admin

Remedy Management                                                    SAN

Risk Management                                                         Security Identity Management

x-Other                                                                         Solaris Admin

Telecomm Engineer

Tivoli Admin

Unix Admin

Weblogic Admin

Websphere Admin


Mainframe                                                                    Web/Internet

Application Programming                                              ColdFusion

CA-7, Operations                                                          HTML, Web Developer

Mainframe Developer                                                    LAMP

System Programming                                                    Lotus Notes/Domino

x-Other                                                                         Multimedia, Graphics


Technical/Content Writer



Embedded System                                                      IT Sales/Recruiting

Embedded System                                                       Business Development Management

Real time programming                                                 Technical Recruiter

Telecom Area                                                               Technical Sales/Account Management

x-Other                                                                         x-Other Administration Business

Sales Force.Com                                                Development

Mobile Application                                                       IT Executives

Android                                                                        Chief Administrative Officer

Blackberry                                                                    Chief Business Officer

iPhone                                                                          Chief Communication Officer

Mobile Application Development                                    Chief Data Officer

x-Other                                                                         Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Legal Officer

Chief Networking Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Technical Officer


Executive Director


Vice President


Engineering                                                                 Other/Multiple Skills

Aerospace                                                                    Bio-Tech

Chemical                                                                      Healthcare

Civil                                                                              Pharmaceuticals

Electrical and electronic                                                 Statistician

Environmental                                                               x-Other






Other/Multiple Skills